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Why the Sojat Henna is so Famous all over The World

Why the Sojat Henna is so Famous all over The World

January 20, 2024

In this blog post we will know all about the sojat henna. Why the Sojat Henna is so Famous not only in india but all over The World? Befor learning about Sojat Henna you should know about the henna.


Henna is a small plant (a shrub), Henna plant grows henna leaves. The Botanical name of Henna plant is Lawsonia Inermis. The Henna leaves release a dye content which gives a reddish brown colour that content is known as Lawsone. The leaf of the henna plant contains a finite amount of Lawsone molecule.

The henna plant contains Lawsone which is a reddish-orange dye that binds to the keratin (a protein) in our skin and safely stains the skin. The stain can be from pale orange to deep burgundy depending on the quality of the henna, and well one’s skin adapts/react to it. A good henna, fresh from hot & dry climates, will stain the darkest.

The dye prepared from the henna plant is used for temporary tattooing, nail art and hair dye. Henna has been used for centuries to dye skin, hair and fingernails.


Henna grows in various places all around the globe such like: Some parts of Africa, Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula and India. It is also found in other hot climates like Pakistan, India and Australia. As these places have favourable climates and land for growing henna plants.  It can be found widespread in other hot climates.

The plant grows best in heat up to 120F degrees and contains more dye at these temperatures.  Inversely, it wilts in temperatures below 50F degrees.   It also grows better in dry soil, as opposed to damp soil.  The leaves are in opposite decussate pairs and vary in size from approximately 2-4 cm. long.  

Henna grows in some parts of India such like – Rajasthan, Gujarat etc. In Rajasthan, Sojat is the place where the premium quality of henna grows.


Sojat henna generally denotes the mehndi paste produced using the henna leaves cultivated in Sojat city. This henna has gained popularity in India and around the globe for its fine and superior quality.

The following facts about Sojat Mehendi make it the topic to initiate conversation among henna manufacturers:

  • Sojat henna has received the Geographical Indication (GI) tag certificate which has made it easier to discourage the replacement products sold as Sojat mehendi.
  • Approx. ninety percent of India’s henna manufacturers and cultivation is taken out of Sojat Mehendi. Thus, it has made it a remarkable mehndi output that is supplied and produced.
  • The BIS minimum standard for regular mehndi’s Lawsone content is approximately 1, but Sojat Mehendi has high Lawsone content, i.e., over 2.5 which makes it exclusive and special as compared to other henna varieties.
  • It gives a deep red-orange color when applied and is of good quality.
  • Sojat Mehendi is popularly used in wedding rituals as it is one of the best henna powders or pastes for application on the hands and legs. This henna has also become the choice of celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, etc. at their wedding ceremonies.


Sojat henna powder or paste is often used for mehndi art on legs and feet and is also popular as a henna hair dye that is used in henna hair colors or hair masks, etc. this high-quality Mehendi powder is rich in medicinal and natural properties that are beneficial for hair. The following are some of the benefits of Sojat henna:

  • Reduces pre-mature greying: It helps in getting rid of the premature greying of hair as it is rich in the content of tannins and Lawsone.
  • Sojat henna leaves are loaded with proteins and antioxidants that on application improve the health of hair.
  • When apply as a natural henna hair color, it leaves a rich red-orange color that looks natural and beautiful.
  • It also helps in treating dandruff and soothes the irritated scalp.
  • This henna mehndi is extremely conditioning and nourishes the hair deeply, making them soft and luscious. It works as a deep conditioner for beautiful hair.
  • It helps reduce the split ends by softening the hair tresses and making them more manageable.


Achieve luscious and vibrant hair at home with our DIY Sojat Henna Hair Colors Pack. Our specially curated pack includes high-quality Sojat Henna powder and a blend of natural ingredients, ensuring a safe and effective coloring experience.

With easy-to-follow instructions, you can create personalized hair colors to suit your style and preference. From rich browns to fiery reds, our Sojat Henna Hair Colors Pack offers a wide range of stunning shades to choose from.

  • Take a mixing bowl and empty the henna powder into it.
  • Make sure to sift the henna powder to avoid any lumps.
  • Blend with a cup of tea water to make a thick paste.
  • Let it relax overnight.
  • Next day, apply this henna paste on clean and damp hair.

Make sure to do a patch test before applying the henna as it might show some adverse effects to some individuals.

Why choose our DIY Sojat Henna Hair Colors Pack?

  • Premium quality Sojat Henna powder for intense color payoff
  • Natural ingredients for nourished and healthy-looking hair
  • No harsh chemicals or additives
  • Easy application process for salon-like results at home

Unleash your creativity and embrace the beauty of Sojat Henna with our DIY Hair Colors Pack. Elevate your hair game and enjoy the compliments that come with vibrant, gorgeous locks. Order your pack today and discover the joy of DIY Sojat Henna hair coloring!


The following are some of the key features of Sojat henna:

  • Safe to use.
  • Finest and best quality henna hair colors
  • High Lawsone content and deeply pigmented.
  • Geographical Indication (GI) Tag Certified
  • Natural henna hair dye

Mehndi culture is popular among women in India. However, with the massive cultivation, production, and export by leading henna manufacturers of Sojat Henna have gained popularity around the globe.

The Best Organic Sojat Henna Manufacturer

Velnik India Limited takes pride in being the leading manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality Sojat Henna products in Sojat, Rajasthan. With their state-of-the-art manufacturing plant situated in the heart of Sojat, the company has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

Kaveri Henna Powder – 100% Organic Sojat Henna

Commitment to High-Quality Organic Sojat Henna

Velnik India Limited is dedicated to producing only the highest quality organic Sojat Henna. Their commitment to quality starts from the sourcing of raw materials, where they carefully select the finest organic ingredients. By adhering to strict quality standards, they ensure that customers receive henna products that are safe, pure, and free from harmful additives or chemicals.

Production Process and Quality Control Measures

The company takes great pride in their production process and rigorous quality control measures. Each step of the manufacturing process is meticulously monitored to maintain the highest standards. From the cultivation of henna plants to the processing and packaging of the final products, Velnik India Limited ensures that every batch of henna cone and powder meets stringent quality benchmarks. Their focus on quality has earned them a reputation for delivering the best and finest quality henna products.

Emphasis on Natural Ingredients and Traditional Techniques

Velnik India Limited’s commitment to organic Sojat Henna is reflected in their use of 100% organic ingredients. They carefully source natural henna leaves and employ traditional techniques to extract the henna dye. By harnessing the power of nature, they produce henna products that not only provide stunning color but also nourish and condition the hair and skin.

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